• Creating a state with the most modern, safe, sanitary, and efficient food distribution network in the world...
  • Examining the distribution needs of Maryland's food industry
  • Developing and managing resources to meet the food industry's needs.
  • Planning and developing regional food industry facilities throughout Maryland
  • A geographically centralized distribution hub dedicated to food distribution
  • We support trucking and transportation, hotel, banking, restaurant and retail operations
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Jeffrey M. Mowrey Chair

Steven L. Fanaroff Vice Chair

Joseph A. Rosier, Jr.
John C. Guerriero
Afra Vance-White
Mark W. Hill
Tim Raver
Irina Falletta

Ex Officio Members

Hon. Peter Franchot Comptroller

Dr. Craig Beyrouty Dean and Director, University of Md - College of Agriculture

EllingtonChurchill, Jr. Secretary, Department of General Services

Joseph Bartenfelder Secretary, Department of Agriculture

The Board of Directors meets quarterly at 7801 Oceano Drive, Jessup, Maryland at 9:00 am quarterly every year.  The dates are subject to change.  Meeting space is limited at MFCA. If you are interested in receiving notice of the meetings or if you want to attend please contact the MFCA at 410-379-5760 so space can be planned accordingly.